Axolotl creates and manufactures authentic surfaces including 

metal, concrete, terracotta, stone and glass that are unbound by traditional material limitations.

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The design of Axolotl Doric draws inspiration from the three foundational styles of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Historically, Doric columns were seen as the strongest, leading ancient architects to use them as the base for their structures, ensuring robustness, stability, resilience, and design consistency. 

With its distinct and clear-cut lines, Axolotl Doric delivers a confident and unwavering design message.


Axolotl Splice takes its cue from the unique molecular structure and granular nature of starch. By carefully controlling heat and moisture, starches from diverse botanical sources can be enhanced, leading to an eco-friendly and harmless modification of their physical attributes. 

In a similar spirit, Axolotl presents the Splice collection, celebrating adaptability, innovation, and our commitment to recycling. The result is a product that exudes both ethereal and abundant beauty.


Axolotl Shiver embraces the beauty of opposites. Imagine the ground suddenly shaking, turning smooth paths into rippling waves, leading to serene, wavy patterns that emanate a peaceful motion and a tranquil aura. 

The fluid, wave-like forms come alive with contrasting shades, creating a dance of fluctuating lines. Shiver is the perfect texture to enhance the appeal of entrance doors, garage doors, or any façade of your home.


Axolotl Cortex captures the essence of wood's natural beauty. At its core, 'cortex' refers to the contrasting dark and light wood grains seen on a cut or split wood piece, a result of varying growth conditions across seasons. 

Unique factors like stress and specific grain orientations give rise to distinct wood features. Such uncommon characteristics often enhance the worth of the raw material and any finished piece it graces.


Axolotl Lunar offers a surface reminiscent of the moon's unique crust, consisting of a rocky base layered with an assortment of loose, diverse deposits. 

It reflects the presence of dust, fragmented rocks, and other elements also found on Earth, Mars, certain asteroids, and other terrestrial bodies. 

The impact of asteroids and meteorites fractures the surface into detailed imprints, giving it an intricate appearance. Lunar presents a celestial and sublime finish that stands unparalleled on Earth.


Emerging directly from the blacksmith's heart is our distinguished range of Axolotl Cast Metals. Metal casting is an art where molten metal is poured into a mould, giving life to a multidimensional creation. This mould holds a hollow space of a specific geometric design, allowing the blazing liquid metal to cool and solidify. 

Although our technique doesn't use heat, it flawlessly replicates the unique texture of metal as it's freshly molded by flames.


Axolotl Smooth embodies the pristine, minimalist sheen representative of contemporary architecture. Intentionally devoid of extra adornments, it maintains a consistently sleek texture. 

Complementing it is Axolotl Pseudo Smooth, which, while echoing the same modern design ethos, adds subtle tonal highlights and a refined touch.


The Axolotl Viper collection is a tribute to the intricate beauty and features of snake skin. Just as snake skin consists of raised tissues and distinctive scales, the Viper range too is designed with dual layers. And while a snake's skin is rich in nerves enabling it to sense, our Viper collection offers tactile dimensions, inviting observers to engage and resonate with the textures. 

With diverse scales that interact with light, the Viper design casts shifting patterns of radiant dark triangles and squares, creating a dynamic visual experience.